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How to do Billing for VMware vCenter Resources in a Multi-Tenant Fashion through Microsoft Azure Stack

Cloud Assert "Usage and Billing" solution for Microsoft Azure Stack

Author: Arun Krishnan/Friday, September 14, 2018/Categories: General, Microsoft Azure Stack, VConnect, Usage and Billing

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VMware VCenter is a centralized data center management platform integrates with Azure Stack via VConnect that enables organizations to create and manage virtual machines across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. It leverages organization for the multi-tenant management and that includes resource provisioning and allocation, monitoring the VMs performance and workflow automation. 

In traditional, resource utility calculation for the single-tenant environment would be a straightforward job for the enterprises and service providers.  But, coming to the multi-tenant environment, it becomes a challenging task.

As a Gold Partner with Microsoft, Cloud Assert anticipates easing their customers with their Usage and Billing solution for Azure Stack.  Our product enables Microsoft Azure Stack administrators to configure pricing with different plans and offers for any resources within the Azure Stack or out of the boxes (like VMware vCenter resources), maintain multiple Pricing Profiles, integrate with billing systems and generate invoices automatically based on real usage from the tenant users.

Billing for VMware vCenter resources in Azure Stack: 

The admin overview tab gives an insight into the current month usage cost, and cost comparison can perform with the current month to the previous month for trend analysis.

It also shows the cost incurred by the tenants by creating different resources under various provides such Microsoft compute, storage, etc.  

Cost for different resources such as VMs, storage, etc., and the number of instances of different resources created by tenants can see from the overview blade.

The administrator can set pricing for each resource and its meters specified by the resource providers through pricing profiles extension.  In similar, admin can set the pricing for VMware resources within the "Azure-Stack-Base" profile

We can see a list of meters related to various resource providers in the profiles page, and to filter the meters related to VConnect resource provider on the search bar for easy identification.  


To specify the pricing for any resource (Eg: Disk), we can set the monthly unit price under the existing meter.

The property "AdditionalInfo_ConnectionType" can provide if the prices of the same meter differ based on the cloud platform to which it is created.

The usage cost generates on the real-time usage, and it would be visible for both admin and tenant for download as a CSV to processing the bill. 

The tenant overview gives the cost for each subscription that the tenant user owns along with the number of resources instance created in that subscription.

“We work closely with Microsoft teams and our customers in building Hybr VConnect and Billing solutions to complement Microsoft Azure Stack adoption and to deliver a powerful hybrid cloud platform,” said Ravi C Kolandaiswamy, Founder and CEO.  All the usage costs are transparent for both the administrator and the end-users. Automated invoices are generated at the end of a billing cycle and are sent via email to the end-users as a PDF attachment. 

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10/6/2018 7:16 AM

Which is the most excellent centralized data center? And why don't anyone make a decentralized management platform of data center?

10/9/2018 3:21 AM

i know it has something to do with cloud computing but is it a new internet browser launched by Microsoft?

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