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Introduction to Hybr™ VConnect – A Powerful Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Automate all your typical cloud management and support process with Hybr VConnect™

Author: Arun Krishnan/Monday, September 3, 2018/Categories: General, Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Azure, Hybr, VConnect

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What is hybrid cloud platform?

Hybrid cloud platform is a set of integrated software tools that allows an enterprise administrator to essentially manage on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud services.  It makes a way to scale their computing resources with capabilities such as provisioning and manage VMs, auto-discovery, migration, and orchestration using a consistent set of tools, APIs, workflows across all the cloud platforms.

Hybr™ Enterprise

Hybr is a product of Cloud Assert, for hybrid cloud management that enables organizations to integrate and manage multiple clouds and on-premise data center resources under one roof.  

It includes VConnect and Billing as a part that enables an administrator to create and manage the provisioning of VMs, create different subscription plans for any resource, and to provide utility-based billing for the tenant users.

What does it do?

Hybr facilitates infrastructure services that help to manage Virtual Machines and other resources across a variety of cloud service providers through a single portal, consistent set of APIs and workflows.

Hybr VConnect

Hybr VConnect is a virtual machine integration and management solution.  It is one of the core services available in Hybr.  It integrates VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center with Hybr and enables enterprises/cloud service providers to leverage investments across both public and private clouds.

VConnect gives businesses the agility to integrate Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Stack, Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, OpenStack, VMware, Veeam, Commvault, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Hybr Enterprise to deliver unified management and DevOps experience.

Here are some of the screenshots for the reference,

VConnect connections:


The connections tab in VConnect allows an administrator to create connections in various available platforms.


VConnect VM Templates:


The VM Templates tab gives space to create VM Templates in the selected platform

VConnect-Custom Commands:


The Custom Command feature allows executing the own custom scripts against virtual machines

VConnect- Virtual Machine Lists in Tenant Side:


The Virtual machines tab allows a user to create new virtual machines under the configured platform connection.


VConnect – Virtual Machine Dashboard:


The Virtual machine dashboard displays the configuration and usage summary of the VMs.


VConnect - Virtual Network:


The Virtual Network tab allows creating virtual networks under the configured platform connections


VConnect – Virtual Network Details:


The Virtual Network details tab lists down the details about the configurations of the virtual network.


Hybr VConnect provides enterprise-grade features like VM management, VM backups, snapshots, and VM templates.  It enables the administrator to set quotas for the tenant users, and it has been built with the extensibility in mind.  Almost, every single operation for the VMs is extensible and customizable.

Hybr VConnect offers flexible deployment models:

- As an independent SaaS portal hosted on Azure
- As an integrated UI experience within Azure Stack

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