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Windows Azure Pack Billing & Usage

Windows Azure Pack Usage and Billing Solution

Usage and Billing solution for Windows Azure Pack is a platform for enterprises and service providers to address the need to provide a simple, straight forward Windows Azure Pack resource utilization across various services over time. Usage and Billing solution enables Windows Azure Pack administrators to configure pricing for more than 100+ resources, maintain multiple Pricing Profiles, integrate with billing systems and generate invoices automatically based on real usage from the end users.

It is a flexible solution that covers various scenarios such as:

PLAN CREDITS – similar to Azure. Users can have an overall credit of say x Amount and they are free to use any resource for that x amount. Excess usage automatically billed based on utilization.

BUNDLED OFFERS – similar to popular service provider offerings. Users buy a bundle of resources in advance, like x CPU, y DB Size, z Websites. Only usage that exceeds these included unit credits will be invoiced.

PURE USAGE BASED – there will be no included credits at the plan level or at resource level. All the usage will be invoiced based on the metered resource values.


  • Ongoing Month-To-Date Usage Overview for Tenant Users
  • Tenant Users can download detailed usage
  • Tenant Users can view historical usage
  • View for all subscriptions managed by the same user in one place
  • Detailed overview per tenant subscription
  • Tenant Users can configure rules to alert based on usage limits
  • Notifications visible in Tenant Portal
  • Notifications can be configured to be sent as emails
  • Intuitive user interface for rule configuration
  • Highly available Aggregation Engine
  • Aggregate usage from variety of services like SQL, Virtual Machines, Websites, and Request Management etc.
  • Master and Slave architecture to provide high availability
  • Processing status visibility for administrators in Admin Portal
  • Daily aggregations to provide visibility into daily resource consumption
  • Monthly aggregations to generate monthly invoices
  • Administrators can see and edit pricing from Admin Portal UI (no complicated XML configurations) 
  • Ability to include credits at plan and add-on level
  • Any metered resource in Windows Azure Pack can be used for billing
  • Configured with more than 100 usage resources out of the box
  • Additional usage resources can be added by administrators without requiring additional licenses
  • Multiple Pricing Profiles can be maintained at the same time
  • Easy cloning and editing features for Pricing Profiles
  • Automated user and subscription creation in Windows Azure Pack, when a new user orders a product in WHMCS
  • Automated email notification to user with login information for Windows Azure Pack portal
  • Automated Subscription life cycle sync with Windows Azure Pack and WHMCS
  • WHMCS Invoice generation based on tenant user usage in Windows Azure Pack
  • Easy mapping from WHMCS Products to Windows Azure Pack Plans

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