Usage and Billing

Track Resource Utilization across Cloud and Virtualization Platforms

Traditionally, resource utility calculation for the single-tenant environment would be a straightforward job for enterprises and service providers.  However, when it comes to multi-tenant environments, it becomes a challenging task.

Cloud Assert Billing for Azure Stack offers a flexible resource consumption-based billing solution integrated within the Azure Stack portal to enable true pay-as-you-billing, invoices and payments. With Cloud Assert Billing for Azure Stack, Enterprise service administrators, Service providers and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners can define multiple pricing models within Azure Stack for all available services, resource meters, plans and offers. The solution is also extensible to support billing for resources residing outside of Azure Stack (e.g., VMware, System Center / Hyper-V).

Tenant Feature Highlights

  • View usage and costs for all subscriptions managed by the user within Azure Stack Tenant portal
  • View ongoing Month-To-Date or historical Usage per tenant subscription with ability to drill-down to resource level usage
  • Download detailed monthly usage as CSV
  • View and pay invoices

Admin Feature Highlights

  • View and edit pricing from Azure Stack Admin Portal (no complicated XML configurations)
  • Offer pre-paid plans, quota-based plans (pre-paid + metered), and Pay-as-you-go plans (metered only)
  • Run Promotions and include credits at Plan level, metered resource level, and User level
  • Enable monthly flat-rate billing for subscriptions as against actual consumption
  • View ongoing Month-To-Date or historical Usage across all tenant subscriptions
  • Download subscription-wise detailed monthly usage as CSV
  • Manage invoices


Product Videos 

Hybr Usage and Billing for Azure Stack - Admin overview


Configuring a pricing profile via Hybr Billing

Configuring a Metered Resource in Azure Stack


Invoice overview - Admin Portal in Azure Stack

Windows Azure vs Windows Azure Pack

Top 5 reasons for choosing Windows Azure Pack on-premise cloud for Enterprise

Compliance, Security Concerns, Consolidate existing on-premise infrastructure, Self-service & agility, Transparency, visibility and collaboration

Monday, February 10, 2014/Author: Ravi C Kolandaiswamy/Number of views (15736)/Comments (3)/ Article rating: 4.5
What is Windows Azure Pack ?

What is Windows Azure Pack ?

Windows Azure Pack Introduction

Windows Azure Pack brings many products under one umbrella both for the IT Administrators and consumers such as development teams. System Center, SQL Server, Web Servers are nicely integrated under Windows Azure Pack Service Management Portal providing a single place for enabling enterprise private cloud infrastructure. Windows Azure Pack Portal extensibility enables service providers to integrate and augment the capabilities to deliver outstanding user experience for enterprises and hosting customers via a single interface. Windows Azure Pack web interface revolutionize the way IT consumers approached IT resources, it helps resources to be consolidated, optimized across teams and scale on-demand.

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