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Centralized Virtual Machine Provisioning and Management Platform for Azure Stack Hub

It’s a hybrid cloud world, and Cloud Assert wants to ease their customers to automate all their workloads, deliver unified cloud management and DevOps experience across the hybrid clouds with agility and confidence.

By considering the above scenario, Cloud Assert has built VConnect which is a centralized virtual machine management platform that enables a way to integrate various cloud and virtualization platforms with Azure Stack to have a unified cloud experience.

VConnect gives businesses the agility to integrate Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, OpenStack, vmware, veeam, Commvault, DellEMC Isilon, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Azure Stack to automate all their workloads, multi-tenant management, deliver unified cloud management and DevOps experience across the hybrid clouds with agility and confidence.

VConnect has been built with the extensibility in mind. Almost every single operation for the virtual machines is extensible and customizable. It has a consistent user experience in service management and administration portals.


VM management across Azure, System Center, vmware, AWS, and OpenStack

VM backups with veeam

Extensible and Self-Service

Snapshots and Checkpoints

On-Demand Configuration

Automate custom support tasks

User Quotas & Granular Control

Metered Usage and On-Demand Scale

Request management and Approval workflows

VM backups with Commvault

VM storage extension with Dell EMC Isilon

Customizable Templates

Cloud Assert Products

Cloud Assert Product Resources

Product Architecture

Cloud Assert - Hybr is everything you needed for quick and risk-free Hybrid Cloud Management provisioning. Hybr is built for seamless overlay across all platforms.

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Knowledge Base

Working with various cloud infrastructure, VM management, Automated service request, Getting started, configurations/ installations, IT costing and chargeback and more.

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Product Documentation

Product release notes, installation guides, Hybr feature sets, REST API and service portal guides.

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