Enterprise IT & Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud Services

Modernize existing IT Investments and provide in-house hosted Cloud

Enterprise Cloud - Its no secret that IT departments are wondering how to get back in the game when it comes to other departments (revenue centers) seeking cloud solutions on their own. This move from such departments are hugely due to the self-service nature of cloud, which makes it easier for anyone to get bunch of resources with less or no process.

Cloud Assert can help you gain the control back and provide Cloud from your existing investments, here is how:

    • Cloud Assert team will help design and provide roadmap to setup a Private Cloud managed by your IT department
    • This Private Cloud will have the same flexibility, self-service nature, on-demand scale, fault tolerance etc.
    • IT Administrators can monitor and view the usage of the cloud resources across the organization from one central place
    • Development teams in any department can provision any resources such as 'Web Servers' , 'Database Servers' and even advanced cloud services through a completely self-service portal that is same as public Cloud experience, except this one is inside your organization and you have full control over.
    • Above all, initially you can pool your existing servers to create this private cloud and showcase the agility, flexibility, on-demand scale that you can provide - same like any other cloud provider, except this is within your organization, with almost no cost for additional infrastructure. There is no 'need' for any departments to go outside to get on-demand, flexible resource provisioning.
    • Under utilized resources are easy to monitor now from one central admin portal, un-allocate and use them for other projects when needed - saving millions of dollars in the process.

If you are as excited as we are and are willing to take the next step in modernizing your IT Department and provide a private cloud infrastructure that is equivalent to public cloud providers - Contact Us Today, we will come and educate you and guide you through the process.


Enterprise Cloud Application Services 

 On-boarding Enterprise Applications to Cloud

Evaluate, recommend, design and help implement solutions on various cloud technologies

One of the gotcha's for many enterprise teams when moving to cloud is, they do not realize the value or worst the application performance goes backwards in cloud - we help address those gaps and provide expertise to realize the true benefits of moving to cloud such as 'on-demand scale - to optimize cost' and  'leveraging multiple cloud technologies to provide an optimal cost-effective solution'.

Another aspect that many enterprise teams miss-out is to setup appropriate processes and culture for the cloud based applications. We help design and setup from ground up, applications and processes that are: 'highly available', 'fault-tolerant', 'performant' and 'easy to manage' ongoing. We also help setup appropriate back and disaster recovery procedures to ensure business continuity.

For example: a customer who moved their heavy data processing application infrastructure to cloud was experiencing a massive delay in the amount of input data that gets processed, in days. When looked closely, on premise they had a huge server with 150 GB RAM used to do the processing and porting that application from such a huge server to cloud is not 1-1 or even 1-4 server equivalent. What needs to be done is to re-think the entire application logic to take advantage of distributed nature of cloud and the services in cloud that help solve problems that you never had on premise.

Another example: A customer moved their application to cloud, an internal dev team has ported it and even had given the package to the operations team to deploy. Operations team didn't have any clue about the next steps: 'how to deploy efficiently without downtime ?', 'what are the best practices ?', 'what should we ask our dev teams to provide or improve ?' etc. Cloud Assert can come educate dev and ops teams to understand cloud, how to take advantage of it and establish process that is matured enough to deliver what business needs from the get go with quality.

Contact Us Today, we will come and educate you and guide you through the process.